Specialty Insurance

Specialty Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

The standard motorcycle policy includes liability coverage that is required by law if you own a bike. It also may include the following optional coverages depending on state statutes. Medical payments uninsured motorist coverage and damage to your covered motorcycle. It is principally designed to cover motorcycles that are owned by an individual or by a husband and wife who reside in the same household. This type of policy may also insure Trikes, Mopeds and Custom Bikes.

Boat / Watercraft Insurance

Whether you have a Seadoo personal watercraft (aka Jet Ski), small fishing boat, large bass fishing boat, inboard or outboard motor, or a yacht, we can help. Coverage includes the boat, motor, and trailer but don’t forget to include your personal items, fishing poles, fish finders, life jackets, and trolling motors.

RV / Fifth Wheel

There are 2 types of recreational vehicles, motorhomes and towable units or trailers. Motorhomes are built on a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis. They combine living quarters with self-propelled transportation. A trailer, camper, or 5th wheel are all considered to be recreational vehicles that are not self-propelled. Instead, they are designed to be transported by an auto or truck.

Towable units can be written on a separate policy but, typically, are added to the auto policy. The liability from the vehicle towing the unit extends to the trailer. Comprehensive and Collision coverage can be added to cover any damage to the trailer.

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